How we work

Everything we do, we try to do better than anyone else in the world: global challenges of financial literacy improvement, repayment of a debt by an ordinary person, creation of unique investment opportunities and the best working conditions for our employees, launch of a new business direction, or a know-how development. We find the best solutions everywhere.

Key elements



Integrated analysis of situation related to the debt portfolio of our clients. It is a basis for our further joint efforts. We come up with unique tools for evaluation of the current debtors' data base and the whole client relations system. As a result, you get our expert evaluation.


IT analytics

The best global IT technologies will be integrated in your business processes, same as a unique collection and behavioral scoring based on our proprietary software.


Tailored approach

One project - one team. No mass calls and general collection models. Only precise, reasonable actions based on the individual situation of each client. We strongly believe that there is no single solution for two different problems.



We are proud of our employees. If you are our client, you already had a chance to appreciate their professionalism and unique business qualities. We invest huge resources in development and personal improvement of every member of our team. Every day our results prove that such approach bears fruit.



We do not follow trends, we set them. Investments in new technologies are among our business priorities. Offering our clients only new and best solutions is a rule for every employee.



Many years of consolidated experience on all essential global markets guarantee that the solution of your problem will be the best one. We committed many errors in the past to be able to succeed now.

Code of Conduct

In our work, we not only respect the clients’ interests and observe the local law, but also show respect towards debtors’ interests. They should not only discharge their debt, but also return to your clients. We know how to do both. For this purposes, we developed a Code of Conduct, which is strictly followed by all our employees. This approach guarantees us and our clients a long-term and truly efficient cooperation.

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