Our Thinking

We are operating at the intersection of interests of millions of people and the largest global companies. We solve financial problems of common people and large companies, find out and offer the opportunities to invest the global capital in the most perspective debt portfolios of leading Asian companies.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a person in a variety of his or her desires and hopes, problems and contradictions, fears and doubts, wins and defeats.

All of them — whether it is a bank owner or a plant worker, who faced debt problems — share the same desire: to be happy and to realize own potential. Our success is based on understanding of these desires and offering real opportunities for their implementation.

Evolution of the global financial system

The idea of evolution unifies all employees in M.B.A. Consulting India and serves as a stimulus for all our internal processes.

Improvement of financial literacy of population

Timely debt recovery (at pre-trial stage)

Unlocking business potential of ordinary people

Improvement of the structure of large companies

Assistance in development of the regional financial law

An opportunity call

M.B.A. Consulting India is an intersection of interests of people from all over the world.

Every day we observe unlimited human reserves in different corners of the world. We have something for everyone: clients, investors, debtors, governmental bodies, employees and job applicants. We listen to everyone. Once we started cooperation, we understand problems and desires of everyone whoever and wherever he or she is.

Global synergy

Intersection of technologies, capital and human resources.

We unify the best global IT technologies, human resources and global capital with the most perspective markets of the world. This synergy ensures not only all key steps of your success, but also the major elements of global financial system evolution.

Our goals

  • We solve current problems of our clients related to debt recovery
  • We implement large-scale projects on making investment in NPL portfolios
  • We improve financial literacy of people all over the world
  • We solve financial problems of millions people
  • We assist in optimization of the legal base of the global credit and financial system
  • We create new jobs and reduce social strain in the countries of our presence
  • We contribute to the development of civil society and small entrepreneurship
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