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Our principles

We solve your financial problems, instead of aggravating them. We would like to offer you valuable cooperation for your debt recovery. Debt is not destiny. It is just a temporary difficulty, nothing more.  We are ready to solve this problem together.

We work with people and we perceive a debtor, first of all, as a person who one day decided to improve his or her life. We appreciate it and would like to become a true partner for you not only to solve you current problems but in a long run.

  • Respect

    While working with debtors, we, first of all, protect your interests. We would like to become your partners, not a collection service.

  • Real help

    We spent many years on improvements and now we are finally ready to offer you real tools to solve your problems.

  • An opportunity call

    Each call, sms or email sent by us is a new opportunity for you. Instead of reminding you of your debt, we offer opportunities for debt recovery.


Our call

is an opportunity call

We consider each debtor to be, first of all, a person. A person who one day decided to change his or her life to the best. We would like to help you to overcome your errors and go on


Do not flee from creditors or a collector

Our most important advice to debtors is not to flee from the creditor and the credit management agency. Both of them are ready to make concessions, it is profitable for both a creditor and a borrower. The more time and resources the creditor and the collector spend on persuading the debtor to pay, the more they get interested in recovery of the full debt amount that is what they will request in court, if any.

Notify if you have financial difficulties

If you have financial difficulties and are not able to repay debt on time in accordance with the schedule, notify about your difficulties and confirm your desire to pay in the future. It will prove your desire to cooperate, and it may happen that the creditor agrees to provide a grace period or to reduce an amount of payment and suggest acceptable debt restructuring conditions.

Debt refinancing

In case of difficulty in debt repayment, there is a possibility to get a loan in another bank to pay off the current debt. Your financial losses will be reduced since you do not need to pay penalties on the first credit.

Sale of collateral

If you took a loan secured by property, you may sell the collateral to solve your problems. However, you will need a consent of the bank to do it. The sale may be realized by the debtor or by recoverers. All money paid before are paid back to the debtor almost in full (with deduction of loan interests).

Right planning of your budget

A very small portion of population plans their budget in the long run. Try to keep records and file down all expenses and revenues. It will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses and allocate the free (saved) money to debt payment.

Consequences of default on debt

Increase of the amount of debt

If the terms of loan agreement are not met, the amount of debt will continuously increase because of penalties and fees accumulated for the late payment. This process will last until the full amount of debt is paid off.

Negative credit history

According to the legislation of the majority countries, in case of non-performance of the credit agreement, the bank shall submit the information on the payments to a credit history bureau. Late payment, defaults, legal cases and legal procedures — all these worsen your credit history and reduce your chances for further positive cooperation with the bankto zero, in particular, your chances to get credit at a low rate in future.

Problems with finding the job

If you apply for a prestigious job, the employer may check the credit and legal history of the applicant (this check has recently become very common among the employers). If any outstanding loans are found out, it may significantly worsen your chance to get the job.

Legal expenses

If a debtor disregards requests of a creditor for a long time, the creditor may apply to the court. If the judgment is given in favor of the creditor (with a probability of 95 percent), the debtor will need to pay both the full amount of debt and the legal expenses.

Restriction on travel abroad

In case of debt, the bailiff, following to the court judgment, may give a prescription to limit departure of a debtor abroad. Thus, your passport can be denied, or restriction on departure abroad may be imposed. To avoid such unexpected situation at the border and not to lose money spent on the failed holiday (or business trip), we recommend you to pay off your outstanding debt before departure.

Seizure of accounts and property

When a creditor starts a lawsuit, the property and funds of a debtor may be seized as a security for costs. Non-performance of the credit agreement may result in the withdrawal of secured assets from the debtor's ownership (as decided by the court). In case of unsecured credit, the bank may apply to the court and to seize the property. Moreover, all debtor's accounts may be seized to satisfy the plaintiff's claims.

Criminal responsibility

A debtor may become a subject to criminal prosecution for fraudulent evasion from debt payment. We strongly recommend you not to contribute to your debt problem and contact M.B.A. Consulting India in your country to find possible debt settlement solutions.

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