Interview with Viktor Dokucajev, the Chairman and shareholder of MBA Consult Group

MBA Consult entered the Indian market in 2013 and since then has been actively cooperating with the country’s financial institutions and just this month announced a restart of the business. In an interview, Viktor Dokucajev shares the Group’s plans, what the new campaign is about and what to expect soon.

Viktor, are we talking about restructuring the company?

Yes, that’s the point of our “India Reload” campaign.We have been moving towards this for a long time. Today we are focusing more on the acquisition of (NPL) non-performing loans, and this has become a major driver for the transformation of the company.

What changes can we expect?

The most positive) But seriously, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the financial services sector is developing rapidly, and we are faced with the task of quickly adapting to new realities as well.
MBA Consult is growing swiftly, in recent years we have opened several companies on different continents, our close attention has been focused on new markets. But at some point, I realized that we need to return to those brunches that are already open and are serious players in local markets. The market is dynamic, and we need to periodically revise stable business models and adjust them to new market conditions.
This is exactly what is happening with our Indian company.

Who is responsible for the renovation of the company?

The entire MBA team. It was originally my idea, so I am leading the whole process. But I received a positive feedback from the team, in particular, Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of the Group. He has successfully launched our projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Latin America. He is fully involved in all business processes and strategic planning. Thanks to him, our companies are profitable and are among the top leading debt collection companies in local markets. Therefore, I believe that with the support of Viktor Vodenko and the rest of the team, we will smoothly pass this difficult transformational period and achieve our goals in a very short time.

Are the main changes related to the digitalization and AI-solutions’ implementation?

Definitely. Digital and AI solutions, omnichannel – this is a way to be in trend and keep up with the rest. But implementation of new technologies does not always have a super positive result. Our uniqueness lies not only in the flexibility and improvement of working tools. MBA Consult is a global leader in the NPL management market, we have great experience in working with overdue debts, investing in NPLs in different markets, we understand what to do, what methods and technologies to use, how to make this process the most efficient for clients and painless for debtors. This is a complex of various business decisions, which ultimately brings the desired result.

Are you planning a team change?

We have an excellent team of top managers and specialists who have gone through the global training, so we are not talking about it. We are talking about attracting new specialists in accordance with the new tasks. I am sure that the strengthening of the team and a fresh look will help us to be even more successful.

At the beginning of the interview, you mentioned that the focus of interests has changed and you are ready to Invest in the NPLs acquisition, is it right?

NPLs’ investing is one of the main goals. The Indian market is really voluminous and promising. And at the moment we are ready to the new start. Moreover, we have already applied for the NBFC license which will give us the right to purchase.


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