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MBA Consult is entering the Brazilian market

This autumn we will open our second branch in Latin America: we are entering the Brazilian market. 
We’ve already started the process of opening a company in Sao Paulo and looking for new team members.

We decided to enter the Brazilian market as it is the biggest regional country with the largest economic potential in Latin America. In recent years, the Brazilian economy has been among Top-10 largest economies in the world. Although the economy is growing rapidly, due to the data from World bank

nearly 40% of adult population is still unbanked. That is why huge amount of fintech lenders are coming to the market as well as new format digital banks. Therefore, due to low financial literacy, the need in mediation services between lenders and customers is also quite big here.

“Last year, when we first entered the Latin American market, we had an understanding of how the region is developing, but after a year of working in Mexico and getting acquainted with the peculiarities of doing business, interacting with financial institutions and working with customers, we are definitely ready to make next step and to expand to new markets. We can offer local financial institutions our global expertise and experience in debt collection and investments in overdue loans (NPLs),” commented Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult.

“Current economic crisis and the pandemic had strong impact on the economy, business activity and financial situation of common people, what caused rapid growth of non-performing loans (NPL). And without proper regulation of this process and providing more flexible conditions for debt repayment, the economic recovery will be quite difficult and long. We are confident that our knowledge, experience, and aspirations to make the financial system more developed, flexible and accessible to common people will have a positive effect on the recovery of the Brazil’s economy,” commented Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult.”


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